Odd Soundtrack for Brain Prosciutto-Video

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Vielleicht isses noch zu früh, aber ich finde den Soundtrack für das Video oben, das den Prozess des Gehirnscheibenschneidens zeigt, sagen wir mal: bemerkenswert. Und: Im Text zum Video bezeichnen sie die Gehirnscheiben als Prosciutto und das halte ich für eine hervorragende Metapher für Gourmetzombies und sowas. Wie auch immer, eigentlich geht es um einen Hirn-Atlas, der im Sommer online gehen wird, Snip:

To prepare a brain for dissection, it is first preserved in a process that takes months and then frozen. Next it is placed in a motorised tissue slicer specially built by Annese and his team to accommodate an organ as big as the brain (see video). A blade peels away layers about as thick as a human hair, which look like super-thin slices of prosciutto. They are collected with a paintbrush and placed in a salty solution. The sections are then laid out on glass slides so that they can be stained once dry. The purple dye used in the video stains genetic material in each cell, making fine anatomical structures visible.

Later, each slice is digitised using a microscope scanner built in-house before a computer reconstructs the pieces into a 3D model.

Human brain prosciutto builds up 3D atlas