Burning down the Houses for Art

Carrie Schneider baut seit zwei Jahren Minihäuser, fährt mit ihnen an einen See in Wisconsin, bringt sie mit einem Kanu auf 'ne kleine Insel in der Mitte des Sees und fackelt sie ab. Das fotografiert sie dann, zu den verschiedensten Jahreszeit im Schnee, im Sommer, bei Tag, bei Nacht.

Across the course of two years, Schneider built a small 8x6 foot white house for each photograph, drove it to a lake in Wisconsin, and hauled it by canoe out to the tiny island. Meticulous care and planning went in to every image, and the process resulted in these uncanny, vibrant landscapes—a strong contrast of ferocious fire set against a meditative backdrop.

Monique Meloche Gallery explains, “The aggressive destruction of a symbol of domestic life resonates across cultures, touching on a universal fear of personal loss and helplessness. Yet, the house that stands unrelenting to the fire’s constant attack can be read as an allegory for strength and stamina against a constant destructive energy.”

An Eternally Burning House Engulfed in Flames