Dadaras Tree made from Money

YT Direktcash

Dadara schreibt mir: We don't want your Money, we want your Art!

I mailed you before about the Art as Money/Exchanghibition Bank project which you are following, and wanted to let you know there's a next level now - the Transformoney Tree! I will build a tree, and from its branches the Exchanghibition Banknotes will be hanging, so people can pick Millions ;-) The tree itself will, in interaction with its visitors, be covered though with thousands of real banknotes! A symbolic transformation from the old to the new.

Of course, the banknotes once glued will instantly lose all their financial value, but add another kind of value to the tree......So we won't be asking people for money, but just for banknotes! And in order to do that we started a crowdfunding campaign yesterday - the worlds first ever crowdfunding campaign probably which is not asking for money: The tree will be built for the first time at Burning Man in the Nevada desert, where money is non-existent and financial transactions are strictly forbidden.

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