Troll Culture - A Comprehensive Guide

Stefan Krappitz hat an der Merz Akademie 'ne Diplomarbeit über Trolle geschrieben. Die behandelt zunächst mal die üblichen Verdächtigen wie 4chan oder Something Awful und deren Code ("Newsfags can't tricode"), geht dabei aber ziemlich ins Detail. Für einige NC-Leser nicht viel neues, dafür aber fundiert und ich mag die Stelle sehr, an der er Sokrates und Diogenes als die historischen Wurzeln of teh LULZ beschreibt.

Plato described Diogenes as “a Socrates gone mad.”

Diogenes was also known for masturbating in public, eating at the marketplace, which was considered rude at the time, urinating on people who insulted him, pointing at people with his middle finger and defecating at the theatre.

This would qualify him for an excellent troll, if he didn’t do it to teach society about values. It is really hard to say, if his personal amusement played a role in his doings. On the other hand, I believe it to be quite possible, that he had a lot of fun when he was urinating on critics. His goals were inner freedom as the key to happiness. If his doings were to pursue that ideal, that implicates he really did it for teh lulz (for his enjoyment).

This would qualify him as one of the first documented trolls.

Troll Culture - A Comprehensive Guide (via MeFi)