Tomorrow is Free Comic Books Day and it has some Elvis

04.05.2012 Misc #Comics #Elvis

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Morgen ist internationaler Free Comic Books Day (es gibt auch die deutsche Gratis Comic Tag-Variante am 12. Mai nächste Woche, hier der Trailer dazu) und eins der Comics ist ein Preview für "Graphic Elvis" (hier auf Issuu) mit Storys von unter anderem Paul Pope und Stan Lee und zur Story von letzterem gibt's 'nen animierten Trailer:

Vimeo Direktelvis

The afterlife fantasy by comics legend Lee was originally created as part of Liquid Comics’ $195 hardcover anthology Graphic Elvis, which is limited to 2,500 copies. Now the story is a cool component of the Graphic Elvis preview that will hit comics stores this Sunday as part of Free Comic Book Day.

Why an Elvis tribute illustrated by some of comics top creators? Presley was a confessed comics geek who, before and since his death 35 years ago, has appeared everywhere from Captain America to the The Sandman.

Plus, the King knew how to make a superheroic entrance.

Can Stan Lee’s Graphic Elvis Get Into Comics Heaven?