Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction

02.05.2012 Design Misc #GUI

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Die Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction ist 'ne Online-Textsammlung von Profs vom MIT, Stanford oder Cambridge und Designern von Google oder Apple und die schreiben dort lange Texte über Interface Design. Ich hab's mir noch nicht im Detail angeschaut, aber ich denke, das kann was. Snip aus ihrem Mission Statement:

We foster synergy at the very highest level between science and high-tech companies. We mix elite professors from Stanford, MIT, Cambridge, etc. with elite designers from Google Research, Apple, IBM Research, etc. And together we produce top-grade, open, and free online learning materials to the benefit of both industry and academia all over the world. [...]

We modernize the publishing industry by building a conceptual, legal, editorial, and technical platform for the publication of first-rate online material in a world where 1) people prefer free content over paid content for reasons of both time and money 2) the physical book is being outmanoeuvred by the e-book 3) authors prefer that publishers use technology to maximize readership and not use it to limit readership as in the case of paywalls.

Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction (via Bruce Sterling)