Jack Kirby Fashion

Zur australischen Fashion Week haben die Designer von Romance Was Born ein paar Marvel-Klamotten geschneidert. Der Infotext zu den Fotos und die - wie formuliere ich das jetzt am besten? - exaltiert-affektierte Doofheit, die darin mitschwingt, hat mich grade ein bisschen amüsiert. Sowas kommt dabei heraus, wenn sich Fashiondings an Kirby Dots versuchen.

Collared shirtdresses and graphic tights put a contending stand for male heroes of Marvel namely Spiderman, Hulk and Avenger, and in return present a powerful and caped female crusader.

The silhouette is simple: structured shoulders, straight-cut dresses and high hemlines, but the sharp tailored peplums brought the ensemble to life. A mash up of psychedelic prints, sequined fabrics and beaded patchwork ticked all boxes for spring 2012 trends. The femme fatale vibe continued through the superhero palette: bright pinks, yellow, purple and green, it was a kaleidoscopic party of colours.

Kapow! Comic book couture at Romance was Born (via The Beat)