Sexbot Doku-Trailer: The Mechanical Bride

27.04.2012 Misc
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Schöner Trailer für die neue Doku "The Mechanical Bride" über Fembots, Schönheitsideale und Feminismus. Die Erzählstimme der Doku kommt von Julie Newmar, der Catwoman aus der Batman-Serie aus den 60s. Must Watch. Snip von Wired:

“Advertising’s ideal woman is a fragmented body of replaceable parts, whose origin is the assembly-line logic of consumer capitalism,” said de Fren, a professor of media culture at Occidental College who honed her robotics chops in Paul Allen‘s future-tech think-tanks Interval Research and Starwave. “The RealDoll is the culmination of that kind of logic. It’s ordered in the exact same way as a car, with detailed customization including head and body type, hair and eye color, breast size and lips.”

More sexualized creations are explored through their owners’ personal histories, which are de Fren’s sharpest focus. Her nonjudgmental lens lets The Mechanical Bride‘s engrossing subjects provide their own electricity during their self-aware analysis of their silicone-and-circuit humanoids.

The Mechanical Bride Digs Into Technosexual Desire, Sci-Fi Fembots