Undercover Portrait-Studio Photography

2004 hat sich Fotokünstlerin Nora Herting in einem Portrait-Studio anstellen lassen um dort undercover aus banaler Studiofotografie ne spannende Fotoserie zu machen. Hyperallergic hat zu der Aktion einen schönen (und aktuellen) Essay.

Studio portraits don’t document an event; the making of the photograph is the event. In order to create a series titled Free Sitting, artist Nora Herting got a job as a trade photographer at a portrait studio in a JC Penney department store in Ohio. [...]

The ubiquitous photos generated from portrait studios reveal a great deal about how we choose to portray our relationships and ourselves. This was part of Herting’s investigation when she began the project. The portrait serves a testament to the subjects’ prosperity and personal relations, and yet, despite the time and care people take when having their pictures taken at commercial studios, the resulting photographs are rarely considered aesthetic objects. They are documentation. Herting’s work questions what, exactly, we are documenting in this benign, constructed way.

An Artist Goes Undercover at a JC Penney Portrait Studio (via MeFi)