Review of Pizza Huts Cheeseburger Crust

25.04.2012 Misc #Food #Pizza

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Ihr habt möglicherweise bereits Bilder von Pizza Huts Crown Crust Carnival-Ding gesehen, während dem sie Pizza mit Cheeseburger-Rand in Dubai verkaufen. Ihr habt aber sehr wahrscheinlich noch nicht den superamüsanten Verriss dieses Geschmacksverbrechens auf Serious Eats gelesen:

The first bite of the medium Cheeseburger Crown Crust Pizza (the ads feature the large size) instantly sent a train of goosebumps popping down my spine. This was a pizza experiment that had clearly gone completely, and horribly, wrong. While remotely resembling a pizza, it lacked the harmoniously cheesy and saucy spirit that any self-respecting pizza would have. What lay before me was...a Mutant Pizza.

As I drew close to the tip of my first slice, which in most normal cases, would be the cheesy, gooey pinnacle of a pizza, my mouth was suddenly assaulted with the merciless crunch of tasteless iceberg lettuce shreds. There may have been onions involved too, but when you're fumbling through a patch of vegetables that have had the tasty life sucked out of them, you'd be hard-pressed to notice. Pizza Hut had gone so far as to even throw a token burger pickle on select slices, which in my bland-lettuce-inflicted opinion, was the only small voice of flavor crying out in a sea of insipidity. [...]

When severed from the rest of the pie, every slice became cheeseburger and pizza anarchy; tomato, lettuce and beef meteorites lay scattered like dismembered parts of a burger in a fast food wasteland. And no, there is no civilized way in which you can taste all elements of this cheeseburger pizza in one bite to have the ultimate all-encompassing fast food experience—unless you roll up each slice, from the tip to the crown patty crust, smack it down, and then hurl it into your mouth before the lettuce shreds and tomatoes fly away.

...I didn't test the hypothesis.

A Taste of the Cheeseburger Crown Crust Pizza from Pizza Hut in the Middle East