Hieronymus Bosch reviews Slayers Reign in Blood.

Grandioses Teil von McSweeneys: Hieronymus "Grandaddy of Hell and Blood" Bosch rezensiert fuckiong Slayers "Reign in Blood".


Fucking “Raining Blood”???!!!!

OH MY GOD this shit is INSANE!!!

This is seriously me, dude. These guys are, like, my fucking brain. It’s like they saw how I see shit and how I think and they fucking made a fucking song out of it. Holy shit.

That’s it, I’m starting a fucking band. These guys have fucking done it for me. I can’t fucking believe it, dude. I’ve never heard anything this fucking bad ass in my entire life. I’ve seen my whole fucking city burn to the fucking ground and it wasn’t as fucking hardcore as this shit.

Nah, dude: This shit is my fucking city burning down. It’s the fucking sound of calamity, dude! Like, there’s some fucking calamity going down and Slayer’s on the fucking spot, fucking narrating that shit with their fucking metal. Like, “Hey, hello? Fucking Calamity here and I’ve brought my friends from Slayer and we’re here to fuck your shit up, dude!”

God damn. These guys fucking rule.

Hieronymus Bosch Reviews Slayer’s 1986 Album, Reign in Blood.