Economics of a Part-Time Drug-Dealer

The Billfold hat ein Interview mit 'nem Dealer, der Gras an Konsumenten verkauft und ich mag sehr, dass es in dem Gespräch wirklich um die Ökonomie und konkreten Zahlen des Dealens geht. Spannend!

How many customers do you have on average?
[Blows out smoke real hard] Ten to a dozen. Good customers? Frequent customers? Four or five.

What’s frequent?
Everyday, every other day.

Buying how much?!?!
I have one customer who buys eighths or quarters every day. At market prices in this region that’s $50 and $100 dollars, respectively.

Uh … is he smoking it all?
Uh, SHE …

Sorry, I didn’t mean to be sexist!
She and her family smoke it. They split it. I believe it’s her and her father, her brother, her uncle. It’s basically a family of stoners. They were buying, up until recently, an eighth or a quarter every day, but they finally realized that buying in a greater quantity would beneficial for them, moneywise.

The Economics of a Part-time Drug Dealer