Interview with a Collector of Comicbook-Toys

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Collectors Weekly hat ein schönes Interview mit Kirk Demarais, der die Fake-Toys aus den Anzeigen alter Comics sammelt und dessen Buch "Mail-Order Mysteries" ich hier auch bereits ein paar mal erwähnt hatte.

Lisa schreibt mir: "Pop-culture historian Kirk Demarais hunted down 150 of mail-order novelties sold in the back of comic books for his book, "Mail-Order Mysteries." He unravels the deep mysteries of X-Ray Spex, Sea-Monkeys, and Charles Atlas for us—and explains how he became so obsessed."

Collectors Weekly: How did you first come across comic-book ads?

Kirk Demarais: The first time I ever saw comics for sale was in 1979, when the place we called “the Icee shop” got a comic rack. I was in the first grade, and I decided to spend my candy money on a “Micronauts” comic book instead. But it was definitely not made for first-graders to read. I was uninterested in the story itself, but the ads were so mysterious and amazing: Gorilla masks were across the page from a hovercraft. They offered pranks like S.S. Adams’ Snake Nut Can and spooky stuff like monster hands and a skull key chain. I was completely blown away.

Of course, X-Ray Spex caught my attention because I loved the idea you could see through things like that. That’s when I approached my dad, asking for that stuff, and he informed me that most of it was a rip-off. I wasn’t allowed to get any of it until I grew up and eBay came along, with the rare exception of the items I would come across in souvenir and toy shops.

Sea-Monkeys and X-Ray Spex: Collecting the Bizarre Stuff Sold in the Back of Comic Books

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