The Collages of Jack Kirby

Imprint hat ein ziemlich fantastisches Posting über die Collagen-Arbeiten von Jack Kirby in frühen Marvel Comics und die setzen sie gleichzeitig in Kontext mit den Collagen anderer Künstler, deren eigentliches Fachgebiet ebenfalls eher nicht für Collagentechnik bekannt war (Louis Armstrong, William Burroughs, Picasso). Großartig, Must-Read für Comic-Nerds!

Beginning in 1964 with the Fantastic Four, Kirby created collages to convey fanciful scenes of cosmic dimensions. These early comic collages were used to further the storytelling and appear to be created concurrently. However, according to former assistant and Kirby biographer Mark Evanier, by the 1970s Kirby would often create collages from his collection of photographic magazines such as National Geographic and Life, whenever the mood struck him, and make good use of them at a later date. Considering that he was one of the fastest artists in comics, and worked upward of 70 to 80 hours a week at the drawing board during this period, why would Kirby slow himself down to create a collage, which no doubt was more time consuming? Scissors, exacto knife, and rubber cement were no match for the lightening speed of his hand. It is yet additional evidence of Kirby’s unbridled creativity and imagination, as well as the compulsive need to create at all costs, spending time composing these collages in what little spare time he had.

Jack Kirby’s Collages in Context