Wrestling-themed Performance of Wagners "Der Ring des Nibelungen"

In New York zeigen sie grade Wagners "Der Ring des Nibelungen" mit Wrestlern. Mit Opern und solcherlei Schnickschnack kann man mich normalerweise jagen, aber das hier würde ich mir definitiv ansehen und mich dafür auch garantiert in die passende Abendgarderobe schmeißen, komplett mit Vokuhila und Spandex-Leopardenfellhosen.

The opera’s bellowing gods are now the lords of a different ring — outfitted with ‘80s fright wigs and loud costumes of glittering Spandex — who settle their age-old scores in elaborately choreographed fake fights. Improbable though the shift of setting may seem, writers Jeremy Beck and Dave Dalton (who also directs) remain tirelessly faithful to Wagner’s original, and their obvious reverence for the material, combined with an indefatigable cast, make the unconventional adaptation a chest-thumping success.

The production opens as the commander of the gods, a Hulk Hogan-esque Wotan (Jeff Clarke), avoids paying the tag-teaming giants Fasolt and Fafner (Michael Melkovic and Christopher Hirsh) their due for having built his new abode. Instead of his promised sister-in-law he offers them the all-powerful ring made of gold stolen from the sultry Rhine maidens. Fafner accepts the ring, offing his brother in a brutal deathmatch that demonstrates its dangerous power. Wotan spends the rest of the show trying to recover the ring by prodding successive generations of his illegitimate offspring — another common trait of ancient gods and TV wrestling patriarchs — to battle Fafner.

New Pro Wrestling-Themed Production Puts Wagner’s Epic Cycle in a Different Ring