Philippine Zombie Race

YT Race

Auf den Philippinen hat man ein Rennen mit hunderten Teilnehmern veranstaltet, die eine Strecke voller Zombies absolvieren mussten. Das ganze basiert auf einem amerikanischen Survival-Marathon (Video oben), ist mit 5000 Läufern dann doch ne ganze Nummer größer. They are running for you, Barbara!

About five thousand people dashed along the five km (three mile) course of the survival-themed race in Laguna Province, about 38 km south of Manila, dodging an assortment of the walking undead in the contest based on a popular U.S. race.

Two hundred actors dressed as post-apocalyptic zombies hid behind trees, bushes and rocky uphill climbs along the five km (three mile) course to surprise the unsuspecting runners and symbolically feast on their brains by stealing flags attached to the runners' waists.

Philippine runners race to survive zombie horde