Madmen Bittorrent Edition

Vimeo Direktmad

Vimeo-User Stunned hat den inkompletten Download einer Folge der Serie Madmen über Bittorrent visualisiert. Mir ist nicht ganz klar, ob das quasi eine Live-Visualisierung der heruntergeladenen File-Fragmente oder nur eine Simulation ist, aber es ist Filesharing- und Copyright-Kunst und damit toll.

Video comprising one episode of Madmen incompletely downloaded from the internet via bittorrent. The video has been linearly edited, no digital effects were used and all jump cuts and repeats are in the corrupted file.

The video captures an episode of the popular TV show in the act of being shared by thousands of users on bittorent. The video simultaneously acts as a visualisation of bittorrent traffic and the practice of filesharing and is an aesthetically beautiful by product of the bittorrent process as the pieces of the original file are rearranged and reconfigured into a new transitory in-between state.

It also avoids infringing the copyright of Madmen as it is incomplete.

[update] In den Comments auf Metafilter erklärt einer ziemlich detailiert, wie das Video sehr wahrscheinlich zustande kam:

BitTorrent breaks up a file into a series of pieces (for a file like this, probably about 256KB each) and downloads them in random order, based on availability. This means that if you try to view the file while it's downloading, the player has to deal with random holes of various sizes where data is missing because those pieces haven't arrived yet.

This file was likely encoded in a format called MPEG-4 Part 2 Advanced Simple Profile or MPEG4 ASP for short. That is the name of the official specification that gives the rules for how encoding works, but doesn't actually provide any software to implement it.