The Neuroscience of Bob Dylan

Der Guardian hat einen sehr schönen Auszug aus Jonah Lehrers Buch "Imagine: How Creativity works", in dem er ein paar Sachen über Bob Dylans "Like a Rolling Stone" erzählt. Das Buch ist auf meiner Must-Read-List und der Song ist seit hundert Jahren das erste Mittel der Wahl um Sachen zu machen. Like a rolling stone.

Although Dylan's creativity remained a constant – he wrote because he didn't know what else to do – there were increasing signs that he was losing interest in creating music. The only talent he cared about was being ruined by fame. The breaking point probably came after a brief vacation in Portugal, where Dylan got a vicious case of food poisoning. The illness forced him to stay in bed for a week, giving the singer a rare chance to reflect. "I realised I was very drained," Dylan would later confess. "I was playing a lot of songs I didn't want to play. It's very tiring having other people tell you how much they dig you if you yourself don't dig you."

The neuroscience of Bob Dylan's genius