Everyone in Transylvania thought Tom Jones was a Gypsy

Ziemlich fantastisches Portrait in der NYT über Jack White und sein Vinyl-Label Third Man. Der ganze Artikel ist voller Gold, aber aus irgendeinem Grund mag ich die Stelle über Tom Jones am liebsten:

White played a song he recently produced for Tom Jones. “Seventy-one years old, and he just came in and murdered it,” White said. Then he told a story about the time he was in Transylvania, filming the movie “Cold Mountain” (he played a minstrel). Every morning on his way to the set, the driver would be listening to Tom Jones. Later he went to a local record store, and there were something like 60 Tom Jones records. No one could explain what the deal was, so White asked Jones about it. It turned out that everyone in Transylvania thought Tom Jones was a Gypsy. He insisted that he wasn’t, but they still didn’t believe him.

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