Urban Stargazing

Oscar Ihermitte hat mit ein paar Verbündeten neue, solarbetriebene Sternen-Netze mit teleskopischen Schleudern zwischen Bäume und urbane Strukturen geschossen und dazu New School Sternbilder erfunden, um gegen Lichtverschmutzung zu protestieren. Toll!

The Urban Stargazing project focuses on bringing back the stars in the city sky by recreating existing constellations and adding new ones, narrating old and contemporary myths about London. Twelve groups of stars have been installed at different locations in the city, and can only be observed by the naked eye at night time. […]

Each constellation is a triangulated struture made out of clear ø 0.6mm nylon line, ø 0.2mm polyethylene braid, ø 0.75mm fibre optic and a solar powered LED. During the day, the battery is being recharged by the solar panel and the circuit switches ON the LED when it is dark enough to observe stars. In order to have the constellation in the air, the team uses a telescopic catapult to fix the structure on top of trees.

Urban Stargazing und Urban Stargazing team (via Macelodeon)