Molly Crabapples Shell Game: Crowdfunded Financial Meltdown Artworks

Molly Crabapple macht wieder Quatsch auf Kickstarter (und das Buch zu ihrer Week in Hell, über die ich vor ein paar Wochen gebloggt hatte, gibt's jetzt auch als Buch: Art of Molly Crabapple Volume 1: Week in Hell (Art of Molly Crabapple Vol 1)[Amazon-Partnerlink]), wo sie sich Occupy Wallstreet-inspirierte Malerei von neun riesigen Gemälden rund um die absaufende Wirtschaft und korrupte Bankster bezahlen lässt. Die Aktion ist bereits zu 175% finanziert und ich freu mich schonmal auf die Artworks.

Shell Game is an art show about the world financial collapse, and the people who have risen up in protest against it. I'll create nine giant paintings about the different parts of the collapse and the global movement fighting back (including Goldman Sachs, Greece, and Occupy Wall Street), but filter them through my lens of burlesque, surrealism, satire, and symbolic animals. Then, I'm going to rent a storefront in New York city, rig it out like a gambling parlor, and invite the city and the Internet to check it out for a week.

It doesn’t seem right to make an art show about the way financial elites screwed us up and only sell things that financial elites can afford. So I’m turning to you to create an art show that anyone can be a part of. Your support in this project will help me cover the cost of creating spectacular art that’s meant for everyone to enjoy. And help me do it without asking the permission of rich people.

Because art is awesome. And big, splashy, gold encrusted, glittering things are awesome. But so is populism. I want to see how they look together.

Comment: Medici is the Crowd, Interview mit Miss Crabapple auf Coilhouse (via Molly)