Magic Mushroom House

 Youtube Direktshrooms, via Laughing Squid

CNN über ein Haus in Aspen, das der Legende nach auf Acid und Pilzen gebaut wurde. Ich glaub' davon kein Wort, aber das Ding ist schick und die Story ist toll, auch wenn sie Bullshit ist. Aus einem NYTimes-Artikel von 2009 (hier die dazugehörige Galerie mit Bildern aus dem Haus):

Built over several years beginning in 1973, the circular house coils around itself, with rooms and railing-less balconies that Ms. Findlay refers to as “go-go platforms” constituting 12 levels. Ladders and narrow stairways lead to other platforms, and small loftlike spaces, making sure footing essential.

At the house’s very center is a round, sunken area the Findlays refer to as the “love pit” but that could more aptly be termed the creation room. A built-in sofa encircles much of the white-shag-carpeted space, while an unmistakably phallic canopy built of moss rock protrudes from part of the wall, extending toward the fireplace opening in the large hearth opposite. Look closely at some of the rock in the chimney, and you can pick out more sexual imagery. A mural behind the couch, painted by Mr. Ulrych, depicts a somewhat abstract rendering of the reproductive process.