Giant Modular Synthesizer Web-Interface

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Im MIT Museum steht der Paradiso Synthesizer, einer der größten Synthies der Welt, und dem haben sie nun ein Web-Interface verpasst, mit dem man das Ding über den Browser kontrollieren kann. Von Wired:

Now, anyone can play one of the biggest modular synthesizers in the world, thanks to a new project, code-named “PatchWerk.” With PatchWerk’s simple web interface, users around the world can control the colossal rig in real time, from its current home at the MIT Museum.

This is the Paradiso Synthesizer, named for its creator, Joe Paradiso — an associate professor at the MIT Media Lab, who built and fine-tuned the synth over the course of nearly four decades. The massive analog synth, which contains nearly 200 homemade modules, looks like something out of a vintage sci-fi film. Custom-built cabinets encase dozens of custom-designed circuits; a riot of red and blue patch cables conceals row upon row of mysterious knobs, switches and buttons.

PATCHWERK | Control a Massive Modular Synthesizer, Wired: Control a Giant Modular Synthesizer From the Comfort of Your Home