Free Pizza Vasectomy

 Youtube Direktpizza, via Geekosystem

W… What?

How about a free pizza with that vasectomy? That's the unusual deal being offered by Urology Associates of Cape Cod as a lighthearted way to raise awareness about the procedure and drum up business. Call it a pie for the sterile guy.

And there's also a basketball tie-in. With March Madness — the NCAA basketball tournament — set to unfurl over the next few weeks, practice administrator Evan Cohen sees the vasectomy deal as a case of perfect timing. Men need a few days of recovery after a vasectomy, so what could be better than hanging out on the couch, watching some hoops and chowing down a free pizza? "It does actually come with one topping. Maybe you can put some meatballs on it," joked Cohen.

Ouch potato: Free pizza with that vasectomy