How to Pet a Colombian Hercules Beetle Larva

In den vergangenen zwei Jahren hat „a very purple Person“ einen Herkuleskäfer zuhause aufgezogen. Der gehört zu den größten Käfern der Welt und seine Larve macht sich echt schick als Haustier und die Familienfotos mit Made sehen fantastisch aus!

Anyway, meet our pet: a Colombian Hercules beetle larva! Sidra calls it ‘Herakuresu’, which is simply how the word ‘Hercules’ said in Japanese. He’s crazy about all these kabuto (rhino beetle) and kuwagata (stag beetle), so my husband and I finally agreed to have one.

It was bought last August in a beetle store in Shibuya, the store owner said that the larva was *maybe* a male. He showed me how to differentiate the male from female by looking at some spot on its tiny belly. Although he said that there was a certain thing to see there, I have to admit that I couldn’t see anything. So I hope this larva would really turn out to be a male. Because male Hercules beetle will have this most impressive long horn. It is said that an adult Hercules beetle can reach more than 15 cm in length. A 15 cm length crawling insect! How cool is that!

Hier der Link zum kompletten Flickr-Set mit allen Bildern inklusive dem geschlüpften Käfer, den sie dann im Wald ausgesetzt haben, hier die einzelnen Blogpostings: Herakuresu, Soil change for our larva!, Here she goes again with the wriggling pet, Hercules beetle! (via MeFi)