14.03.2012 Design Misc
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Computerlove, eine der ältesten Design-Communities im Web, wird demnächst offline gehen. Damit geht nach k10k und Pixeljunkie nun die dritte und letzte der „großen“ ehemaligen Design-Portale aus den 90ern vom Netz, die mich seit über zehn Jahren begleiteten. Times, they are a changin'. R.I.P. CPLUV.

Hello all, It's a kind of sad message but all good things come to an end.

During the last months or even years, it has been complicated to run Computerlove properly, and allow the necessary ressources to develop it.
This project, run on spare time, has not been build to be like this.

At this moment Computerlove survive more than it really live. The last problems we encounter with hacking (and so on i discover that somebody has also stolen our old site)
not helped us in staying on the bright side. Actually, the site needs to reinvent itself but unfortunatly it cost too much to run. After investing a lot of myself in the project, i decided to focus on new things. You should move your data elsewhere in the next days or weeks, homever everything will be deleted to prevent any malicious use.

Computerlove - The Last Days