OAK-U-TRON 201X: A Mobile Arcade Game for the 99%

Wired über die neueste Protestform der Occupy-Bewegung: Eine 2-Player-Arcade-Machine auf Rollen: Occupy Rolls Out Its Most Subversive Tech: A Mobile Arcade Game for the 99%. Gaming auf selbstgemachten Arcade-Maschinen als Protest, da wird mir echt richtig warm ums Herz und meine Nippel stellen sich auf.

The OAK-U-TRON 201X console and the videogame that lives therein, Keep Me Occupied, are the most recent inventions of a movement that has spawned human-microphone apps and its own brand of music. They made their inaugural voyage Jan. 28 as Occupy protesters marched in Oakland, dragging the awkward cabinet along with them like ants shuttling weighty foodstuff. Protesters teamed up for games while miraculously avoiding the tear gas and flashbang grenades that eventually made their way into the crowds that day.

The OAK-U-TRON 201X (a nod to the Mega Man games that took place in the ambiguous year of 200X or 20XX) is the brainchild of game designers Alex Kerfoot, Anna Anthropy and Mars Jokela, a project designed both as entertainment and as a microcosm of the Occupy movement — collaborative, ambitious and optimistic. And it’s set to officially debut before the gaming community at San Francisco’s Game Developers Conference on Friday. […]

“The game [marries] the idea of the social movement where everyone who’s playing contributes to the overall success of everyone,” says Anthropy. “Someone who’s maybe not super good at videogames might only get to an early switch, but they’ll still stay behind and hold that switch and help all future players to still be contributing something that’s significant.”

Hier kann man das Open Source-Game für Win und Mac runterladen, hier das Occulade-Tag auf dem Blog der Entwickler.