AI-created Videogames

Game Developers: Kiss your Job goodbye! So weit ist es dann wohl noch nicht, aber Michael Cook vom Imperial College London hat ein Gamedesign-AI-System namens Angelina gebaut, da muss er nur noch Sounds und Sprites hinzufügen und schon kann das Game haufenweise erstaunlich spielbare Games ausspucken. Interessantes Bit vom Artikel auf New Scientist: „In theory there is nothing to stop an artist sitting down with Angelina, creating a game every 12 hours and feeding that into the Apple App Store“. Geil, Game-Spam per Artificial Intelligence!

Angelina creates games using a technique known as cooperative co-evolution. The system separately designs different aspects, or species, of the game. In Space Station Invaders - in which players control a scientist who must fend off rogue robots and invading aliens to escape a space station - the species include the layout of each different level, enemy behaviour and the power-ups that give a player extra abilities. Angelina creates a level by randomly selecting from a list, then scattering enemies and power-ups throughout the level. Enemy movements and combat behaviours are also randomly selected from a list, while the effects of the power-ups are also random.

It then combines the species and simulates a human playing the game to see which designs lead to the most fun or interesting results. For example, levels that are initially hard to complete but get easier through clever use of power-ups are considered fun, while those that are impossible to complete are discarded. Angelina then cross-breeds and mutates the most successful members of each species to evolve a new generation, typically 400 times.

AI designs its own video game, spielen kann man eins von Angelina erstellten Games hier: Space Station Invaders: „a game that was designed especially for New Scientist by AI called Angelina“