Ph.D. in Comics-Form

Nick Sousanis – dessen erstes Wort „Batman“ war, wenn er das nicht erfunden hat – darf seine Doktorarbeit in Comic-Form abgeben. Der Mann macht seinen Doktor über Bildung und Philosophie und seine Dissertation handelt vom Einsatz visueller Medien im Unterricht, was natürlich perfekten Sinn ergibt.

I am doing my dissertation entirely in comics form! And we do think it's a first. As I said above, I came to Teachers College with the idea that I would be doing my work in educational form. However, over this process, what started out as using comics for their accessible nature has evolved into a broader idea about the medium as an important vehicle/tool for thinking and representing thought.

In part I'm arguing about the educational importance of thinking through more than just the verbal - specifically, obviously, I address visual thinking in a visual medium. And in this way, my form can match my content, walk the talk as it were. As I think more about comics through making them, researching on them, and now teaching them, I see their capacities for multi-layered, tangential, and multimodal narratives as truly unique and distinct from other media. An important concept I've been playing with recently is that comics in many ways mirror "the shape of our thoughts" in ways that a lined sheet of paper is quite limited in representing or facilitating. I think an education that embraces the multiple ways we think and that our ideas take shape is one that allows students to more fully explore the possibilities for expression and opens pathways for them to find their own way. Comics and visual thinking more generally, I believe, are an important piece of that.

Interview auf Diamond Bookshelf: A Comics Dissertation, hier sein Blog mit jeder Menge Beispiele in den Links dort, hier ein PDF mit dem Comic zu einem Vortrag zum Thema (via MeFi)