Finally! The Rise of cool Nerds! Nach sieben Jahren harter Arbeit an diesem Blog (der Name Nerdcore kommt nicht, wie manche meinen, aus dem übersetzten „Nerdkern“, sondern aus der Zusammensetzung aus Nerd und Hardcore), kommen wir endlich in den Medien an. Hard drinking, fucking, partying dudes who know shit.

At some startups the pendulum has swung so far in the other direction that it's given rise to a new title: brogrammer. A portmanteau of the frat-house moniker "bro" and "programmer," the term has become the subject of a Facebook group joined by more than 21,000 people; the name of a series of hacker get-togethers in Austin, Texas; the punch line for online ads; and the topic of a humorous discussion on question-and-answer site Quora titled "How does a programmer become a brogrammer?" (One pointer: Drink Red Bull, beer and "brotein" shakes.)

"There's a rising group of developers who are much more sociable and like to go out and have fun, and I think brogramming speaks to that audience," said Gagan Biyani, co-founder and president of Udemy, a San Francisco startup that offers coding lessons on the Web.

One popular online video featured programmer Rob Spectre giving a presentation titled "Learn Brogramming the Hard Way."

'Brogrammers' challenge coders' nerdy image (via JWZ)