Satellite Images of Slums

Business Insider hat ein Posting mit Satellitenfotos von Slums. Stinkt ein bisschen nach „The 1% at the top looking down at the 1% at the bottom“ und das Wort „Shocking“ in der Headline stört mich aus ein paar Gründen, aber die Fotos sind dennoch interessant. Bild oben: „Petare, Venezuela. A slum in Caracas with approximately 600,000 - 1 million people.“

Global slums can be vastly different in nature. Some are working-class neighborhoods that have been torn up by gang wars like the Petare slum in Venezuela. Others like Dharavi in Mumbai, a mini-city that operates as a recycling hub and has a booming leather industry, are a permanent fixture.

Slums like Kibera are notoriously difficult to measure because they often serve as a conduit for people shifting from the country to big cities. This list is not exhaustive and the ones that made our list did so on the basis of their crime rate, size, and population.

A Shocking Satellite Tour Of The World's Biggest Slums (via MeFi)