Tongue Drive System

23.02.2012 Misc Tech #Disabled

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Tolle Erfindung für Gelähmte oder an ALS erkrankte Menschen: Ein Steuerungssystem, das mit einem Magnetpiercing in der Zunge und einer Zahnspange voller Sensoren funktioniert. Von CNet:

Many with ALS or high-level spinal-cord injuries have been relying for years on the old sip-and-puff technology to operate wheelchairs and computers. This tech requires the user to sip or puff precise amounts of air pressure into a straw, and it is anything but subtle.

The operation of wheelchairs and other devices could soon be far less conspicuous, thanks to a prototype dental retainer developed at the Georgia Institute of Technology--for those who don't mind getting their tongues pierced, that is.

Featuring a small retainer that fits along the roof of the mouth, the Tongue Drive System uses sensors to track the movement of a tiny magnet on the user's tongue, thereby allowing the user to issue commands by pointing his or her tongue in different directions.

Now your tongue can secretly operate a computer, wheelchair (via Geekologie)