LVL Up-Lamp

Ne Lampe in Form von Super Marios LevelUp-Blocks, die man anschaltet, indem man unten draufhaut und die dann auch nen Sound von sich gibt.

This 100% custom made, touch sensitive lamp is made of laser-cut plexiglass and glows with powerful yet energy-efficient LEDs. The 6 inch cube light suspends from an integrated 11 foot power cord, making it ready to be hung from your ceiling and illuminate all of your LAN parties (Oh just admit it, we know you are having a LAN Party right now.).

To turn the lamp on and off, merely punch, er umm, we mean touch, the bottom of the cube and you'll be rewarded with both light and the classic coin noise. Every eight times you toggle the light, you'll get a 1-UP!

LVL Up Lamp (via Wonderland)