Googles Terminator-View-Glasses coming soon

Gegen Ende des Jahres will Google Brillen mit integriertem Screen auf den Markt bringen, der Augmented Reality über das Sichtfeld legen kann. Die Brille kommt mit Navigationssystem und integrierter Kamera, basiert auf Android und soll wie 'ne Oakley aussehen. Das Teil kommt von Google X, diesem (nicht mehr so) supergeheimen Innovationslabor, über das ich vor einer Weile gebloggt hatte.

The glasses will have a low-resolution built-in camera that will be able to monitor the world in real time and overlay information about locations, surrounding buildings and friends who might be nearby, according to the Google employees. The glasses are not designed to be worn constantly — although Google expects some of the nerdiest users will wear them a lot — but will be more like smartphones, used when needed.

Internally, the Google X team has been actively discussing the privacy implications of the glasses and the company wants to ensure that people know if they are being recorded by someone wearing a pair of glasses with a built-in camera.

The project is currently being built in the Google X offices, a secretive laboratory near Google’s main campus that is charged with working on robots, space elevators and dozens of other futuristic projects.

Google to Sell Heads-Up Display Glasses by Year’s End (via /.)

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