Crime-Slang from the 18th Century

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Lists of Note hat grade eine Liste mit 23 Definitionen von Vagabunden und Wegelagerern gepostet:

The several disorders and degrees amongst our idle vagabonds:

1. Rufflers (thieving beggars, apprentice uprightment)
2. Uprightmen (leaders of robber bands)
3. Hookers or anglers (thieves who steal through windows with hooks)
4. Rogues (rank-and-file vagabonds)
5. Wild rogues (those born of rogues)

Und ausgehend von dort bin ich in einer Datenbank mit der Geheimsprache der Diebe aus dem 18. Jahrhundert gelandet: 18th Century and Regency Thieves' Cant. Alles ganz großartig, ich könnte da stundenlang drin rumstöbern, hier meine Favorites aus dem Abschnitt Crime:

GOING UPON THE DUB – Going out to break open, or pick the locks of, houses.
KNAPPING A JACOB FROM A DANNA-DRAG – This is a curious species of robbery, or rather borrowing without leave, for the purpose of robbery ; it signifies taking away the short ladder from a nightman's cart, while the men are gone into a house, the privy of which they are employed emptying, in order to effect an ascent to a one-pair-of-stairs window, to scale a garden-wall, &c, after which the ladder, of course, is left to rejoin its master as it
SHUTTER-RACKET – the practice of robbing houses, or shops, by boring a hole in the window shutter, and taking out a pane of glass.
BIT – Robbed, Cheated or Out-Witted. Also Drunk, as He has bit his Grannum; He is very Drunk. Bit the Blow, performed the Theft, played the Cheat, You have bit a great Blow; You have robbed somebody of or to a considerable Value.
DROP A COG – To let fall, with design, a piece of gold or silver, in order to draw in and cheat the person who sees it picked up; the piece so dropped is called a dropt cog.

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