36 Copyrighted Suns

Es gibt definitiv zu wenig Kunst mit Copyright. Sonniges Dings von Penelope Umbrico: 36 Copyrighted Suns / Screengrabs, 2009-2012. (via Waxy)

Taken from stock photography sites, Copyrighted Suns / Screengrabs, points to the absurdity in trying to "own" the image of the sun. The work also summarizes the collective narratives we weave around it's setting - I used the descriptive tags of each of the images for the titles of each "water-marked" sun.

A few titles:
Meditation Under Sunset Zen Concept
Beautiful Young Couple Relaxing Near the Sea at Sunset
Leisure Red Beach Emotions Feelings Water
Travel Bedtime Emotions Feelings
Beautiful Young Woman Running on a Beach at Sunset Real Shot Background is Not Photoshopped In
Dream Holiday