Delhi-Raves high on Cobra-Bites

15.02.2012 Misc #Drugs #Snakes

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In Delhi haben sie eine Gang festgenommen, die ein paar Kobras und 'nen halben Liter Schlangengift auf einen Valentinstag-Rave schmuggeln wollten. Vor fast genau einem Jahr hatte ich schonmal 'ne Story über Leute, die sich mit Schlangenbissen draufschicken. Scheint mir so ein Februar-Ding zu sein.

Delhi police arrested a gang of snake smugglers on Monday and recovered four cobras and about half-a-litre of venom after a tip-off from an NGO People For Animals (PFA). According to police, the venom extracted from these snakes was to be used in high-end raves planned for Valentine's Day in and around the Indian capital.

Snake smuggling for skins or species value is common. However, smuggling cobras for venom meant for raves has alarmed the police. They have arrested two alleged smugglers and booked them for illegally carrying cobras. According to police, venom and snake bites are preferred by drug addicts in raves these days. They suspected that the four cobras were being smuggled to bite junkies.

Police said this new found drug is popular in Delhi raves. Snake bite thus joins morphine, cocaine and the rest as a sort of exotic stimulant.

Cobras and venom meant for making drugs for use in Valentine's Day rave parties seized in Delhi

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