Medieval Jobs

10.02.2012 Misc #History #Work

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Tolle Liste mit Jobbezeichnungen aus dem Mittelalter. Am besten freilich die Kriminellen und von denen finde ich die Silk-Snatcher am besten. Die haben den feinen Damen die Hauben vom Kopf geklaut.

Wherever there is society, there are criminals. These occupations include only the so-called "professional criminal": it ignores those people who are corrupt at every level of society who has a legal "front", from kings to beggars.

boothaler - marauder, plunderer
burglar - one who breaks into, and steals things from, other people's houses. (If you break into and steal stuff from your own house, you're just a nut.)
diver - fig. a pickpocket
fence - one who trades in stolen goods
footpad - one who robs pedestrians
outlaw - a man wanted by the law
pickpocket - one who picks pockets
poacher - one who illegally kills animals, usually on somebody else's land
silk-snatcher - one who steals bonnets
stewsman - probably a brothel keeper - "since the words stew and stewholder both mean a bawd, I'm guessing that a stewsman would be a brothel-keeper as well. Whether bawdry counts as a criminal activity varies at different times and places."
thimblerigger - a professional sharper who runs a thimblerig (a game in which a pea is ostensibly hidden under a thimble and players guess which thimble it is under)

What did people do: in a Medieval City? (via Kottke)