Alan Moore on ACTA, Anonymous and Anarchism

Die BBC hat Alan Moore angesichts des europaweiten Protesttags gegen das internationale ACTA-Abkommen nach einem Text über seine Gedanken zu weltweiten Protesten und Anonymous gefragt. Und der hat genau den Artikel abgeliefert, den man von einem Mann wie Alan Moore erwartet. Anarchismus, Romantik und ein Schuss Wahnsinn.

It would seem that the various tectonic collapses deep in the structure of our economic and political systems have triggered waves of kinetic energy which are rolling through human populations rather than through their usual medium of seawater.

It also seems that our character's charismatic grin has provided a ready-made identity for these highly motivated protesters, one embodying resonances of anarchy, romance, and theatre that are clearly well-suited to contemporary activism, from Madrid's Indignados to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Our present financial ethos no longer even resembles conventional capitalism, which at least implies a brutal Darwinian free-for-all, however one-sided and unfair. Instead, we have a situation where the banks seem to be an untouchable monarchy beyond the reach of governmental restraint, much like the profligate court of Charles I. […]

Today's response to similar oppressions seems to be one that is intelligent, constantly evolving and considerably more humane, and yet our character's borrowed Catholic revolutionary visage and his incongruously Puritan apparel are perhaps a reminder that unjust institutions may always be haunted by volatile 17th century spectres, even if today's uprisings are fuelled more by social networks than by gunpowder.

Some ghosts never go away.

Viewpoint: V for Vendetta and the rise of Anonymous By Alan Moore (via Hacker News)