Wikipedias Lists of Lists of Lists lists itself as a List of Lists

Wikipedia hat eine Liste mit Listen voller Listen, darin verlinkt sie sich selbst als eine Liste mit Listen. Dazu kann man wahrscheinlich wunderbar meditieren, oder sowas. Acid würde ich eher vermeiden, Horrortrips voller rekursiver Listenlisten inklusive Gehirnlöschdiskussion wären vorprogrammiert.

Wikipedia’s innumerable lists is already the stuff of legends. And yet still amidst the back alleys, we hear whispers of lists of lists — strange, higher planes of existence which float above everything. But it has transpired that there is still another level; a greater plateau of enlightenment. Friends, believe me when I say that Wikipedia has a List of Lists of Lists. And, most beautifully, it not only links to a list of lists, but also to itself. This, dear readers, is the information singularity. Wikipedia has attained nirvana.

Wikipedia has a List of Lists of Lists, Which Lists Itself and a Separate List of Lists