No Safe Harbor: The Pirate Party Book

Die amerikanische Piratenpartei hat ein Buch unter CC-Lizenz zu ihren politischen Positionen herausgegeben, die Essays darin kommen unter anderem von Rick Falkvinge (Gründer der schwedischen Piratenpartei), Cory Doctorow und Lawrence Lessig, Illus stammen von Nina Paley.

No Safe Harbor, released January 24th 2012, is a collection of political essays, texts, and discussions that help explain and educate about Pirate Party positions. While some have been published before, many others are original to the book. Contributors range from first-time writers being published for the first time, leading academics, to Pirate Party officials, and even international organizations like the United Nations. Adding color to the book are cartoons by artist and free culture activist Nina Paley, creator of the animated film Sita Sings the Blues.

Topics covered include notes on the 4th Amendment, the history of copyright, biopatents, and corporate personhood. The book is released under a Creative Commons license (CC-BY-NC-SA) and sharing of it is strongly encouraged. To further that, the book is available in a number of DRM-free formats, free of charge. In addition a paperback edition can be purchased through for $9.99

No Safe Harbor, hier das Torrent (via /.)