Wikileaks, the TV-Series

Julian Assange bekommt eine Sendung im TV. In einer zehnteiligen Reihe will er „key political players, thinkers and revolutionaries“ interviewen, wo das Ding gesendet werden soll, ist nicht bekannt. Auf Wikileaks schreiben sie was von „600m viewers across cable, satellite and terrestrial broadcast networks“ und wer schonmal die vollmundigen PR-Texte von irgendwelchen Käsesendern gelesen hat, kann sich ausrechnen, wo das laufen wird. Fox vielleicht? Kleiner Scherz.

The WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, has announced that he is to host his own TV series, interviewing "key political players, thinkers and revolutionaries" from around the world.

In a media release published on the WikiLeaks website on Monday, Assange said the 10-part series would be based on "the world tomorrow" and would feature interviews with "iconoclasts, visionaries and power insiders".

"Through this series I will explore the possibilities for our future in conversations with those who are shaping it," Assange said.

"Are we heading towards utopia, or dystopia and how we can set our paths? This is an exciting opportunity to discuss the vision of my guests in a new style of show that examines their philosophies and struggles in a deeper and clearer way than has been done before." […]

WikiLeaks said the new TV series would air in mid-March, but did not reveal details of where the series would be broadcast or on which networks.

The statement describes initial licensing commitments as covering more than "600m viewers across cable, satellite and terrestrial broadcast networks". It asks those interested in licensing the series to contact Quick Roll Productions, which describes itself as a production firm specialising in "broadcast and new media audiences".

Julian Assange to host own TV show – WikiLeaks founder says he will interview 'iconoclasts, visionaries and power insiders' and 'explore possibilities for our future' (via Gizmodo)