Photographers posing with their famous Pics

Wireds Raw File hat ein Preview von Tim Mantoanis Fotobuch „Behind Photographs: Archiving Photographic Legends“. Die Bilder entstanden in einer riesigen 20×24 Polaroid-Kamera (Bild rechts) und kosteten 200$… pro Aufnahme.

Alle (?) Bilder der Serie inklusive Behind the Scenes-Shots gibt's auf seiner Website, finanziert wurde das Buch über Kickstarter. Hier das Video von dort und ein Snip von Wired:

The Tank Man of Tienanmen Square. Muhammad Ali standing over Sonny Liston in victory. The portrait of the Afghan Girl on the cover of National Geographic. Many of us can automatically recall these photos in our heads, but far fewer can name the photographers who took them. Even fewer know what those photographers look like.

Tim Mantoani hopes to change that by taking portraits of famous photographers holding their most iconic or favorite photos in his new book Behind Photographs: Archiving Photographic Legends. Mantoani has shot over 150 of these portraits in the last five years, most of which are contained in the book.

“I felt like there was kind of this void,” says Mantoani. “There were all these anonymous photographers out there who have not been given enough credit.”

At a time when everyone has a camera in their pocket and millions, if not billions of photos are flying around the internet each day, Mantoani wants to help people understand that iconic photos don’t just happen. They are the product of people who devote their entire lives to photography. Giving these people a face, he says, helps do that.

Famous Photogs Pose With Their Most Iconic Images

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