The Electric Hoax: 1978 UK Punk-Comic

David Hine hat ein paar Scans eines alten 1978er Comic-Strips aus dem Musikmagazin Sounds. The Electric Hoax war die erste Kollaboration von Brendan McCarthy und Pete Milligan (beide bei 2000AD und Judge Dredd, Milligan hat in den 80ern Animal Man von Grant Morrison übernommen) und für einen großen Print von Johnny Rotten als besoffenen irischen Punk würde ich ein Auge hergeben.

The ELECTRICK HOAX was my first solo strip after Sometime Stories, when I was starting out as a comic book artist. Although it's pretty embarrassing looking back at all my dodgy artwork from 1978... It featured Johnny Rotten as an Irish punk, a Patrick McGoohan robot, The Subliminal Kid, Moby Train and Human Ken. The last enigmatic words of the Hoax strip were, "It's beyond me". It was also where me and Peter Milligan first started working together.

The first image shows the first episode and the last two pages are the final two episodes. Another shows me and Pete appearing in an episode commenting on the story's progress, in true post-modern art-student style. It's a historical UK comic curio, very much of its time, with the collaged cut-up lettering and punk-rock designed characters.

The Electric Hoax by Brendan McCarthy, mehr bei Peter Milligan: The Electrick Hoax Revisited (via Bad Librarianship)