Victorian Astronomy Drawings

Die New York Public Library hat ein paar Space-Zeichnungen aus dem 19. Jahrhundert digitalisiert und online gestellt. Die Bilder stammen von Étienne Léopold Trouvelot, der aus Frankreich nach Amerika geflohen war, nachdem sich Napoleon III. zum Kaiser der Franzosen ausrufen lies. In den USA landete er schließlich am Harvard College Observatory, für das er hunderte Zeichnungen anfertigte.

For the next few years Trouvelot made hundred of sketches of what he saw through the observatory’s 15-inch refractor telescope. In 1875 he published a discovery of his own: veiled spots, grey patches that look like shadows on the surface of the sun. He then moved on to other observatories, including the Washington Observatory and the University of Virginia’s.

In 1881, he selected 15 out of his thousands of astronomy drawings to be published in a book using then-cutting edge chromolithography technology, a color printing process that made color illustrations cheap and plentiful. It’s those chromolithographs that the New York Public Library has digitized.

Victorian astronomy drawings (plus gypsy moths), hier die Scans bei der NYPL.