No one steals your worthless CDs anymore

In England sind die Zahlen der gestohlenen CDs und DVDs in den letzten Jahren extrem eingebrochen (no pun intended). Wenn einem nichtmal mehr die Produkte geklaut werden, dann hat man als Industrie wirklich ein Problem. Und nein – Copying is not theft.

“Years ago, you’d see a man in a pub selling CDs,” says Eric Phelps, a detective in London’s Metropolitan Police. “Not any more.” Indeed, thefts of entertainment products like CDs and DVDs have collapsed in England and Wales, to the point that they are now taken in just 7% of all burglaries in which something is stolen (see chart). They are now targeted no more frequently than are toiletries and cigarettes.

Burglars as consumers – Not worth nicking (via Boing Boing)