Review of mexican Punxploitation Movie „Intrepidos Punks“

Ende letzten Jahres entdeckte ich das Blog Teleport City, die reviewen ab und zu billige Z-Filme aus den 80ern. Schönes Ding und gestern haben sie eine echte Perle gebloggt: Ein Review zum mexikanischen Punxploitationfilm „Intrepidos Punks“. Alleine die Screenshots sind schon fantastisch! Und weil das Internet super ist, gibt's den kompletten Film auf Youtube (Der Clip startet mit nem viel zu langen Screen des Verleihs und mit einem Trailer zu nem komischen Mexiko-Western namens „La Muerte de un Pistolero“, der Film fängt an bei Minute 3:36):

 Youtube Direktpunx

When it comes to punksploitation movies, you’re going to be hard-pressed to top Intrepidos Punks. Even genre heavyweights like Class of 1984 and Never Too Young to Die pale in comparison to this batshit insane paen to everything that was glorious about cinema’s misrepresentation of punks. It’s basically every alarmist rumor about punk rock — not to mention just about every single convention of 70s exploitation film — rolled into a single representation: drugs, orgies, spitting, bad hair, Satanic rituals, murder, rape, loud music, makin’ faces at the squares, and with the addition of dune buggies and, for some reason that can only be “because it’s Mexico,” a luchadore. We begin with a line of nuns walking down the street to a bank, which they promptly rob. Because these aren’t nuns at all; these are the women of the titular intrepidos punks, amassing cash so they can buy weapons and drugs that will help them free the imprisoned male members of the gang.

The reveal of the female punks is perhaps the greatest transformation scene in cinema history, as they strip away their nun duds to reveal leather thongs, metal bikini tops, sequins, chains, lace, mesh, breasts, and all manner of candy colored punk rock hair. The leader is the sneering, snarling Beast, played by actress Princess Lea (obviously her real name), and the height of her platinum blonde hairdo defies all known physics. And though her hair and studded leather bikini may be one of the star attractions, my heart was immediately stolen by the girl with the choppy red hair and spider-web face paint. For me, the true stars of the film are the girl with the spiky red hair and spiderweb face paint and the guy with the bright red poodle perm mullet, Fu Manchu mustache, lazy sort of expression, and exceptionally proud posture.