Jack Kerouac-Remixblog On the Bro'd is a Book

Vor einer Weile hatte ich ein Posting über das tolle Jack Kerouac-Remixblog On the Bro'd, in dem der Autor Satz für Satz Kerouacs Beatnik-Klassikers in fucking Bro-Speak übersetzt, Satz für Satz. Das Blog ist noch lange nicht fertig, aber im April erscheint das Buch dazu: „the book version of On The Bro’d contains the entirety of Kerouac’s On The Road translated into off-the-chain, crunk-as-hell bro-speak.“

Hier ein Zitat aus dem Posting mit der tollen Headline „MAD SEX VETERAN“:

“Now think about this old hottie—just think about her.” And dude slowed down the car so we could all check out the over-the-hill smokeshow driving along. “Hell yeah, check that out; I bet she has sexperience in that brain that I would give a nut-and-a-half to try out; to get all up on her and find out just what a mad sex veteran she is. Sal, I haven’t told you this shit, but I once hooked up with a fifty year-old in Arkansas for like a summer, when I was like seventeen. She was an awesome lay, but she was totes married. I haven’t been to Arkansas since that Christmas, when her husband chased me and my buddy with a fucking shotgun when he found out I was going deeper than The Core in his wife; I’m telling you this so you know I can fucking party in the South. Like for real—for real, bro, I get wild in the South, I get mad, mad wild—I was stoked when you sent me that Facebook message saying you were in the South. Fuck yeah, Fuck yeah,” he was like, trailing off and checking his phone again, and suddenly blasting he Wrangler back to ninety and smashing the gas.

Amazon-Partnerlink: On the Bro'd: A Parody of Jack Kerouac 's on the Road