First animated Version of The Hobbit rediscovered

 Youtube Direkthobbit

Vor ein paar Tagen ist auf Youtube die erste animierte Version von Tolkiens The Hobbit aufgetaucht, geschrieben von Gene Deitch, produziert von Bill Snyder (Tom & Jerry, Popeye). Das Ding wurde innerhalb eines Monats fertiggestellt, nachdem die beiden ein paar Jahre an einem abendfüllenden Spielfilm arbeiteten. Als schließlich die Rechte zum Buch drohten, an die Tolkien Foundation zurückzufallen, haben sie schnell den Film oben zusammengedengelt. Als Film eher okayish, als Zeitdokument aber sehr bemerkenswert.

A long-lost version of The Hobbit by animation legend Gene Deitch has resurfaced online in the past few days. Why did Gene produce this 12-minute “animatic” version instead of the feature-length version he’d originally planned with Jiří Trnka? Why did he have just one month to produce it? Why has nobody ever seen it? The crazy circumstances that led to the production are revealed in this piece that Gene wrote on his website. In short, the film was a financial ploy by Deitch’s producer William L. Snyder to earn himself a nice chunk of change. Deitch writes:

The Tolkien estate had now been offered a fabulous sum for the rights, and [William] Snyder’s rights would expire in one month. They were already rubbing their hands together. But Snyder played his ace: to fulfill just the letter of the contract – to deliver a “full-color film” of THE HOBBIT by June 30th. All he had to do was to order me to destroy my own screenplay – all my previous year’s work, and hoke up a super-condensed scenario on the order of a movie preview, (but still tell the entire basic story from beginning to end), and all within 12 minutes running time – one 35mm reel of film. Cheap. I had to get the artwork done, record voice and music, shoot it, edit it, and get it to a New York projection room on or before June 30th, 1966! I should have told him to shove it, but I was basically his slave at the time. It suddenly became an insane challenge.

Rediscovered: Long-Lost Version of “The Hobbit” by Gene Deitch