Fidel Castro: A Robot should be President of America

Gizmodo hat die Übersetzung eines Textes von Fidel Castro über die anstehende Präsidentschaftswahl in den USA und der ist… sehr speziell. Und ich hätte gerne das Zeug, das Castro in seinen Kubanischen wegpafft.

The day before yesterday, a well known European news agency reported from Sydney, Australia, that "a team of Australian researchers of the University of New South Wales announced the creation of an electric cable 10,000 times thinner than a hair that could conduct electricity just like a traditional copper cable." […]

With unstoppable technology advances like this, which should serve humanity's wellfare, I remembered what I wrote four days ago about global warming and the accelerated exploitation of gas in a world that is consuming all the fossil fuel accumulated over 4,000 million years in just two hundred years. […]

Isn't it obvious that the worst possible thing is the absence from the White House of a robot capable of governing the United States so it can avoid a war that can end the life of our species?

I'm sure that 90 percent of Americans, especially the hispanics, the blacks and the increasing number of the impoverished middle class would vote or this robot.

Fidel Castro’s Reflections: The Best President For The United States (Is a Quantum Computing Robot), AFP: Fidel Castro: 'robot' better than Obama, Republicans